TeamSpeak Meeting 12.11

Hey folks,


We are planning on getting together on Sunday, December 11th at 2 pm (PST) for a group discussion regarding Conan Exiles.

Topics include:

  • Land Management
  • Guilds
  • Character Building
  • Server Rules
  • Server Council
  • Initial Server Settings


  1. Kaliker says:

    Won’t be able to make this due to time conflict (This night owl is active after 9:00pm CST) but would be interested to hear / read some details on the outcome of the discussion if someone wouldn’t mind talking at a later time / scratching down some cliff notes? I could do this for any future meetings that i am able to attend if the interest is there. Thanks for throwing this together!

  2. Boom says:

    We’ll definitely take notes…and if you’re volunteering to take future notes you are hired!

  3. Reza says:

    This will be right after I get out of work. I think I can make it.

  4. Boom says:


    Really not a lot of notes as not a lot of people showed up. One was due to a time mix up.

    :::Land Management:::

    Getting a feel for city building.
    How many will live in Amarnaset?
    How many cities will be built?

    Really didn’t get much fleshed out here yet.


    Dark Temple (5)
    Amarnaset (2+)

    Will make plans for future PvP Bootcamps/Training

    :::Character Building:::

    Who needs help?


    :::Server Rules:::

    Full corpse loot? Discuss
    Dungeons are safe zones
    Slave runs may be contested
    Main player cities safe
    Battlekeep/expendable areas

    :::Server Council:::

    -At least- guild leaders should be on server council to inform and progress events, communication, problem solving,

    :::Initial Server Settings:::

    – More information on this as pre-release comes closer.
    – These are the settings we will start with an adjust as a community as time passes.

    PvP Enabled – Yes
    No Ownership – Unknown
    Can damage player owned structures – Yes
    Enable Sandstorm – Yes
    Logged Out Characters remain in world – Unknown
    Drop Equipment on death – No
    Drop Shortcut bar on death – Yes
    Drop Backpack on death – Yes
    Everybody can loot corpse – Under debate
    Building radial destruction force modifier – default
    Maximum nudity – Yes

    Day cycle speed – default
    Day time speed – default
    Use catch up time – Yes

    Player health modifier – default
    Player stamina modifier – default
    Stamina cost multiplier – default

    Item spoil rate scale – default
    Harvest amount multiplier – default
    Resource spawn speed multiplier – default

    Chat local radius – default
    Max message length – turned up from default
    Chat has global – unknown

    Purges – Yes

  5. Cyrus Kring says:

    We will continue to hold these meeting every two weeks at/or around the same time until launch. If you are interested party, feel free to join us.

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