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‘Sup Folks!

As you know, CE was pushed back until January 2017, but that gives us more time to really define our goals and vision. One task we’ve taken on is expanding our gaming network. This is in part because of the CE delay. I know some of us were so excited about its announcement in January of this year that we caught a bad case of gamer A.D.D. so we’ve revisited some old favorites and added some new favorites to the mix.

Rather than paying $150 a year for shivtr, I’ve decided to take on the job of creating a new website to not only host our Exiles passion but to be the home base for some of the other games we enjoy playing together, either while waiting or if folks interest wanes in CE. It’s always good to be in touch. You Badgers take my gaming to a whole nother level. Please be patient with the site, but absolutely give me feedback on what you like, what you don’t like and what additions you would like to see. I’m more of a front end kind of developer, but I’m doing my best to make everything work efficiently for us and that means staring at lots and lots of code sometimes!

Our Teamspeak is paid up most of the remainder of the year I believe, but if our family expands, we may wish to consider upgrading the slots. We haven’t maxed our capacity yet, but that’s something we deffinately don’t want to try to fix retroactively. I will continue to monitor our space and upgrade accordingly so you never have to worry about not being able to hear Chris sing a random song. You’re welcome for that. Speaking of Teamspeaking (see what I did there?) I’m thinking it’s a good time to start a monthly discussion in regards to Conan Exiles. There’s a lot to go over, not a lot of info from the devs and plenty of time, but it’s never too early for communication.

I know a lot of you are Conan noobs (shame on you! – just kidding) so I want you to start giving some thought to what kind of character you want to play. As far as racial choices, all known races are supposed to be represented in CE. All nationalities in the world have a real world equivalent. Don’t be afraid to think outside the box. Don’t force yourself to be typecasted. Want to be multi-cultural? Go for it. Don’t want to be pigeon-holed as a stereotypical [Insert Race Here]? Don’t be! Need advice? Ask me, or ask any other nerdy Conan-Lore loving Badger. It’s what we’re here for. I might not have the answer you’re looking for, but I’ll help you find it. Above all, remember that when you make your roleplay character, you’re a star on a stage telling an epic tale. You get to grow, evolve, maybe even devolve into something completely different than you started as. I am so excited we all get to start something new together, and I hope you are too.

You’ve all seen my outlines on the server ideas and guild ideas. Feel free to add your thoughts and input. I know not all of you Badgers have the same long term interest as I do, and that’s why a private server is literally the best thing that could happen for us. All the folks that play sand hating northerners can comfortably do so while inhabiting the same world as me. That said, as much as I’d love a nice niche Kushite guild there isn’t much longevity in that so I offer Amarnaset, a city more so than a guild or clan. Everyone can get behind trade and money making. I’ll outline more details on Amarnaset later, but trust in the fact that the server business is greater than the guild business in order to keep everyone happy and excited about the game.

Plans for the site which aren’t implemented yet include image galleries. I’m not quite sure how they will be implemented yet, but the more pics the better, always. Charlie suggested a sticky in each forum about the different Badger clans and guilds in games, and I think that’s a great idea. I have added a ticketing system for CE which needs some testing. Basically, it will address technical issues that server admin can possibly help with. If I’m not online, I’ll get a message and be able to respond asap. Of course, there will be some issues because of the game, computer specs, etc. that I can’t do anything about, but it will be a point of contact to help resolve some things I hope. I’m considering a Q&A area similar to a knowledge base where other users can help someone with a question. I’ve added a newsletter feature as well which will help us keep in touch. Ideally it will incorporate our State of the Clan each month, but if people want to see it, we could make it much flashier and make it more like the Newsletters I did with the NFPD and in ESO.

One other thing we need to consider is that as we expand our gaming family, what is it we would ask of them upon joining us? Some folks enjoy long drawn out questionnaires, some hate them. I think we all agree that a “white list” for our server would be the best way to go so we don’t get random marauding buttholes tearing down homes and POI’s. What kinds of questions would you ask of new Badgers? What kinds of questions would you be comfortable with answering?

Looking forward to your input. I will post a tentative date soon ™ for our first Teamspeak meeting, so feel free to post your thoughts here or gather them for TS.

Happy Gaming!

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