State of the Badger Address – February

It has been a crazy start to our adventures in the Exiled lands, but things are finally starting to simmer down!  Much like Funcom and all of the game host providers, we did not expect such an overwhelming response to our server, but we are truly pleased that so many of you have joined us.


Website and Voice Changes

Our website seems to have stabilized some with the offset of utilizing Discord for text chat, so we decided we may as well use the package deal, so we have migrated our Teamspeak voice services to Discord as well.  Now all of our voice and text users can all hang out in the same space!  We hope to see the website utilized for posting stories, character bios, recaps of events and of course, member networking and discussion.  The information for the Discord server is posted on our BadgerGamers Steam Group.


Game Server Changes

We have begun to tweak some of the settings in game as we go.  The day/night cycle has been lengthened.  There are long days to hunt, gather and build and longer nights to roleplay and craft.  We have also reduced the food spoilage rate and the local chat radius.  We understand that not everyone will like every change, but we strive for a happy medium between popular extremes.


Game Issues

While we work through known issues introduced through patches, I need to reiterate, we need everyone to join the BadgerGamers group on Steam.  We will handle membership, passwords and offline communication through there.  Please remember, we are in Early Alpha and there are many things beyond our control.  Be sure to update your profile here with a Steam User Link, just a User Name will not work, we need the link, please.  





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Joining This Server

Recruitment Status: Open

Application Process:
Register on this site.
Fill out an application in the thread. [link]
Accept Steam friend request from Cyruskring.
Receive Steam Group invite and password.

Server Contributors

We would like to very warmly thank everyone who has contributed to the server donation fund!