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Hey everyone,


After a long wait and quite a bit of research, it looks like we’ll be going with Survival Servers for our Conan Exiles hosting.  If everyone who’s expressed an interest in playing with us actually does, we’re looking at 35-40 people to start with.  Nevertheless, we’ll be starting out with the full 70 slot capacity for the private server and sticking with the 20 person TeamSpeak server unless more people start connecting to it, in which case, we’ll upgrade it.  We will be renting the Dallas, TX server location in hopes of equally distributed bandwidth and ping across the continental US.


I’m asking everyone who hasn’t yet, to please fill out the server application [here] even if you’ve been playing with us for years.  Once you do this, Chris or I can send you a friend invite, and once you accept that, we can invite you into the Exiles Group which will have all of the server information and password nicely tucked away.


If you are making a guild in the game, you can post an advertisement in the Guilds section of the Conan Exiles forum along with an application if you like, and can make a private member group for your members to chat among themselves.


Questions, comments, suggestions?  Let me know!






  1. TheHuntress says:

    You might actually want to reconsider using Survival Servers for the private server. They’ve apparently got incredibly shitty customer service and their servers very unreliable. It’s believed by some they are a scam. Check out these reviews.

    The service being suggested by Funcom may be the safer option, and it offers a way for players to donate money through the host’s own site so players can help with the cost (if cost is a issue).

    • Boom says:

      That makes it mixed reviews that I’ve heard on them then (like everyone else)

      To simplify things (like for mods) I gave up and went with pingperfect even though I’m reluctant to have customer service issues and have to wait on someone in Europe. Anyway, 3 months are paid out at the moment. Server is in Chicago.

      • TheHuntress says:

        Yeah seems like a mixed bag for everyone like you say, which is why I decided not to try to hos my own server for the game. Which would’ve been my first time ever hosting one, this and NWN2 are the took games I’ve ever considered doing so for.

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Joining This Server

Recruitment Status: Open

Application Process:
Register on this site.
Fill out an application in the thread. [link]
Accept Steam friend request from Cyruskring.
Receive Steam Group invite and password.

Server Contributors

We would like to very warmly thank everyone who has contributed to the server donation fund!