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Server Name:
Badger Gamers

:::Medium Core RP PvP:::

The Vision:
A living, breathing, vibrant world with multiple settlements and factions. Ideally, the server will start out as a cooperative community which promotes trade and exploration while lending itself well to roleplay and individual expression. Over time, settlements, agreements, arrangements and conflicts will arise organically, and be dealt with in accordance to roleplay and pvp rulesets while retaining individual and clan uniqueness.

In other words, people are free to build, live, farm and form communities as they wish and are expected to respect others as they do so. Admission to the server will be granted by a simple white list.

Current Number of Interested Members: 30+
– Conflict which may arise will be handled with in game PvP mechanisms unless another arrangement is agreed upon by disputing parties.
– Permadeath must be a consensual agreement between disputing parties.
– OOC conflict is frowned upon and should be communicated with server admins.
– Please note, as PvP will be enabled, people who portray expert swordsmen, etc. may be called out to prove it.
– OOC communication between RP’ly disputing parties is strongly encouraged as it minimizes butt-hurt.
– Please try and keep your RP disputes legitimate.
– Attacking and destruction of other player cities without their knowledge or while they are offline is strictly prohibited.
– Dungeons will be safe zones free from player conflict. No one wants to be ganked while fighting a boss and a bunch of his minions.
– All locations and biomes are open for building of villages, settlements, cities and kingdoms.
– All people and guilds are free to govern their areas as they see fit.
– All people and guilds are free to invite or decline trade arrangements and defend their territories as they wish.
– Individuals are welcome to create their own areas, cities, villages, shacks, settlements, keeps, trade routes, etc.
– POI’s (Points Of Interest) should not be destroyed by any player or admin.
– Abandoned settlements (Several months of inactivity without notice) are subject to destruction.
– Player home cities will not be attacked by other player groups. Instead, we will build and use battlekeeps. Please note that purges may not respect your home city as much as others do.

Server Advisory:
– Dignitaries from each clan, guild or family are warmly welcomed to take part in ooc discussions regarding mods, events and other server wide affected issues. Input and suggestions from everyone are always welcomed. At the very least, each guild leader should be in the server advisory.

Server Settings:
– More information on this as pre-release comes closer.
– These are the settings we will start with an adjust as a community as time passes.

PvP Enabled – Yes
No Ownership – Unknown
Can damage player owned structures – Yes
Enable Sandstorm – Yes
Logged Out Characters remain in world – Unknown
Drop Equipment on death – No
Drop Shortcut bar on death – Yes
Drop Backpack on death – Yes
Everybody can loot corpse – Under debate
Building radial destruction force modifier – default
Maximum nudity – Yes

Day cycle speed – default
Day time speed – default
Use catch up time – Yes

Player health modifier – default
Player stamina modifier – default
Stamina cost multiplier – default

Item spoil rate scale – default
Harvest amount multiplier – default
Resource spawn speed multiplier – default

Chat local radius – default
Max message length – turned up from default
Chat has global – unknown

Purges – Yes

Administrative Support:
– A fully functional server website with forums, contact information and administrative service requests.
– Fully operational Ticket system
– Experienced GM in Everquest MMORPG PvP Server (Tallon Zek) 1999-2001
– 15 Years experience as a guild leader in various MMORPGs
– Experienced server administrator for 7 Days to Die PvE server

Please Note:
– This is a work in progress which will evolve as we learn more about features included in the game and can get in there and actually play it.


BadgerGamers Code of Conduct

I. Your sexual orientation is your business.

BadgerGamers are LGBTQQ, trans, and straight friendly.

II. We don’t discuss real world politics and religion.

Games can be full of religious and political discussions, as many of us are roleplayers, discussions with religious and/or political leanings can happen frequently, but we leave the real world out of it.

III. Racism, Sexism and Ageism aren’t tolerated.

We like to keep it simple and celebrate the diversity of our community. Our gaming family is made up of teens to seniors from many cultures and walks of life. Keep in mind, some games we play are rated M and that may have a bearing on underaged gamers.

IV. Play how you like.

Collectively, we enjoy many different play styles including PvP, Roleplay, PvE, Questing, Crafting, Gathering, Building and more. No one is under any obligation to join in on an event they don’t want to. That said, members are helpful if you wish to step out of your comfort zone and learn a new play style.

V. Out of Character (OOC) Harassment is never tolerated.

Simple enough. It is strongly encouraged that you use communication in the case of In Character (IC) conflict.


  1. Boom says:


  2. lonewolf says:

    Im highly interested in playing this server, are there any guilds that are accepting members?

    • Boom says:

      So far there is one guild listed and taking members, but I’m certain that more guilds will form and post their info soon!
      Just keep an eye on the guilds section of the the Conan Exiles forums. 🙂

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Joining This Server

Recruitment Status: Open

Application Process:
Register on this site.
Fill out an application in the thread. [link]
Accept Steam friend request from Cyruskring.
Receive Steam Group invite and password.

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We would like to very warmly thank everyone who has contributed to the server donation fund!