Hey everybody!


Sorry about that whole nuking the site thing.  The bad news is, you may have to re-register on the site…the good news is, I think we’ve made some improvements.  More bad news is that I may have lost your private groups and I am super sorry…more good news, you just have to spend a few minutes to fix them and recreate them!  *nervous laugh*


I can’t promise you I won’t ever fuck up again, but I can promise that I will make more consistent backup copies!  I’ve also added a few things like most recent replies to forums, I’ve added some sub-forums to the forums as well.  Each game page now has a landing page.  (Almost) Each forum now has a section for art and writing.


I very much appreciate the testing, the feedback and the patience.  I think we are pretty much in place to start populating the site with some content, give or take a few tweaks.  Thanks again for your understanding.  I know registering for a site can be a pain in the ass and re-registering on the same site is even worse, so I very much appreciate the lack of moaning!


Keep hitting me up with that feedback!


Happy Gaming!

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