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    User Name: Runihura

    RP experience: Over a decade in many different MMOs.  Have led a very successful RP guild in ESO and held various leadership roles in many other games.

    How did you hear about us?  Joining Amarnaset through CERP

    What makes you a good fit for the server?:  Casual, easy to get along with, love to contribute, no drama policy…[Read more]

  • Character Name:  Runihura

    Profession:  Overtly a Hunter/Gatherer, secretly black market trading/mercenary

    What role do you want to fulfill in our city?:  Will sell & trade materials collected from hunting and gathering in the wilds.  Mostly on a contribution level to the city/economy.

    Do you understand the premise of the city and it’s inhab…[Read more]

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Joining This Server

Recruitment Status: Open

Application Process:
Register on this site.
Fill out an application in the thread. [link]
Accept Steam friend request from Cyruskring.
Receive Steam Group invite and password.

Server Contributors

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