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    In the Stygian lands, the process of death is multi faceted.   There are stages to life, to birth, development, why then is it so difficult to believe death has the same stages.

    Among the priesthood, and Madjai ranks, it is believed the soul, the kha, is comprised of seven  tem-akh, or ‘soul shards’.

    • Ka – This is the part of the soul that protects the Khat (body). Our Aura.
    • Khat – This is your physical body which contains all other parts.
    • Ba – This grants strength of character and free thinking. Allows individuality, housed in our Mind.
    • Sahu – This is the part of the soul that drives the morality of the person. Housed in our heart.
    • Khu – This part of the soul drives creativity and inspiration.  Housed in our tongue
    • Khaibit – This generates the drive, ambition and aggression.  Housed in our subconscious.

    It is said when one’s khat fails, the rest of the tem-akh must find a way to continue.  The Khaibit, your shadow self, is strongest at this point, and strives to do everything you did not in life.  Near death, or true death, strengthens the Khaibit Tem-Akh until the Ba is subsumed, and one becomes the self they attempted to subvert in life.

    The animal brain, the instinctive drive, morality as an option more than a directive.  Take what you want, keep what you take.   This is the law that the spirit demands followed, and so we of the exiled, of the dead, of the near-living, shall follow.

    Current base location :

    Clan founder/leader : Sefekhi.

    Application process: In person IC.


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    After the sky opened, and the dead rose, and the waters roiled with the blood of fallen and foe alike, the people of the River moved from their original idyllic location to a higher plateau, following the wisdom of the ancients when they built their aqueducts.  You shall find us there, overlooking the western river mouth nestled in the oasis atop the plateau.


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