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    Way back when the Ashen Hand was created as a guild for ESO, a very clever lady worked with an excellent partner and developed a wonderful open ended story for the Ashen Hand.   It was a guild of thieves and cut throats who dedicated a part of their “earnings” to help the poor and downtrodden in Tamriel, and they looked out for their own with a fierce loyalty.  These lovable scoundrels were much more honorable than what they might at first appear.  They also created a counter group that were the enemy of the Ashen Hand.  That group was made up of a portion of guildies, and the conflict was contained within our guild so it helped keep down the OC drama but allowed for maximum conflict and angst within RP.  Maybe Chris will indulge us with posting some of T’s descriptions and stories about the Ashen Hand and it’s merry band.

    I will soon start a new topic with Aria Stories I wrote.  I was a newcomer to RP and fascinated by it and the stories that T wrote.   The RP I experienced got my creative juices flowing, and I wrote many stories that were an extension of the RP or a natural progression from it.  I know most of you RP-ers write your stories and then go RP from it.  Call me the backwards RP-er.  I experience your characters in relation to mine, and then I am inspired to write a story.

    I will flat out tell you my goal is to peek an interest in the game and RP.  I would enjoy getting back into this game as we await “the next big thing” which seems more of a pipe dream every day.

    I have several characters, but Aria was my main.  I hope it inspires others to jump in and try it.  The stories will not necessarily be in order as I root them out of my digital cellar, but if some seem less polished, they are probably from my early fledgling attempts to write.  I was in awe of some of Tonya’s work, and I aspired to be as clever, witty, poetic, etc as her. (Which of course never happened, but she was very encouraging and supportive which made it all worthwhile.)


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