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    Guild Name

    City Name
    Amarnaset – from the words Amarna, meaning Reform and Set, the Serpent God of the South.

    The Vision
    The guild will function primarily as a trade city where visitors, merchants and traders are welcomed to pass through, look for work or ply their goods and services. Darker and more nefarious acts will take place as a subculture of the city.

    Membership to the guild and citizenship of the city will be handled separately. People can live, trade, visit and work in Amarnaset without being part of the guild. Though leadership of the city will be Kushite, members and citizens do not necessarily have to be Southerners. Everyone residing and profiting in the city is expected to perform a role or duty. We will be constantly in-character.

    City Layout
    Amarnaset will be built as a two tiered city. The inner city will provide the greatest support and protection from the elements and invaders. The outer city will contain the major attractions and housing units. Outside of the city will include small villages, estates and farms which owe fealty to Amarnaset and may utilize the defenses of the inner city.

    Taxes will be collected from citizens in the form of currency or goods in exchange for protection and social services such as food, entertainment and housing as well as assistance in rebuilding and recovering from losses due to purge invasions, wild animals, etc. A citizen in good standing will have the opportunity to withdraw from community storehouses.

    There will be a communal armory, kitchen, barracks, treasury, merchant stalls, a brothel, tavern, inn and more. There will be private in city housing of various tiers available to rent.

    Roles and jobs will be offered. Some examples are; guards, entertainers, barkeeps, courtesans, artisans, craftsmen, farmers, bodyguards, priests of various faiths, scouts, fishermen, caravan operators, hunters…we can work with most ideas that you have.

    Dark Themes
    This is not an ERP guild, however, I have no intention of policing other people’s personal RP and am not responsible for their content. Stalking, harassment, threats and other violations of the server policies are obvious exceptions.


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