FNV: Hypetrain Edition!

Bring all of your energy, excitement and squees to our next Friday Night Voice as we discuss any last minute thoughts for Conan Exile’s release. Come meet new friends, chat with old friends, get drunk and sing karaoke or just sit quietly in the corner and ponder what you’ve gotten yourself into!

Looking forward to seeing you there!

[Click Here] to get the Teamspeak Info.


  1. Kaliker says:

    I promise that all we FNV regulars don’t bite too hard. But we share alcohol and jokes quite often! In all seriousness, for all those people who maybe are resurfacing for CE release or those who have recently joined up: take it from a new member when i say these are both really fun and are a great way to meet other members of the community. Even if you are listening in and communicating through text; these can be a fun experience!

  2. Cyrus Kring says:

    It was great meeting a lot of you tonight. Thank you to all that joined us. And to all those that did…and even those didn’t….feel free to join us in Teamspeak anytime! We always love company.

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