1. Cyrus Kring says:

    Building on the side of a mountain…….SOLD!!

  2. Kaliker says:

    Giant explosives!? Awesome! And look at all the deco items; so many hours of building and arranging structures/furniture ahead!

  3. Tracker says:

    I agree that the buildings look awesome, and I think that whole build on a mountain is epic. The only question I have is how long it takes to gather all the resources needed to build these epic things? “hi ho hi ho, its off to work I go……” 🙂

  4. I know this is an older post, but I’m a new guy so commenting. Heheh. Yeah I love the mountain building. It’s one thing I want in ARK that isn’t possible. Gathering resources will depend on the server settings. Normal settings are likely like ARK in that it takes a good amount of time to gather resources, build, gather, build, etc. Personally what I normally do in ARK is build a small hut, build storage and then start gathering, off loading, gather, off load, repeat until I have enough materials to start building something interesting. What I really wonder about though is the fact that they were originally going to wipe official servers every month, but there was no mention of a boost of any sort until they announced the Blitz servers. So I’m assuming gathering will be faster there to enable players to build more quickly before a wipe.

    Then again a slower gathering and building setting encourages players to work together. This doesn’t really seem to work in ARK unless you are already on the server with friends. Even then a lot of people make small bases and focus on taming dinos. Me, I like the building which is what attracted me to this game. That and it seems more alive with NPCs and the thrall system. Though I expect working together to be a bigger thing on a server like ours in general.

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