BadgerGamers 2017!

Hey folks!


As we say farewell to 2016 and a year of serious gaming ADD, most of us are really excited for Conan Exiles and making a bunch of great new memories together.  We have been blessed with new members to the community as well as the return of some good friends, all of which I am looking forward to spending some time in game with.  Though we will certainly have a presence and focus in Exiles this year as we experience Early access, we want to remain in touch with those of you who may not find the game your perfect cup of tea.  If you find yourself leading a guild in another game, you can always talk to me about bringing your friends over here and hosting your very own little home in the BadgerGamers community.  I know its taken a while for us to break down and become a multi-gaming community, but it really is the best way to stay in touch with each other.


An old tradition that I would love to see come back to life is FNV (Friday Night Voice), a time for everyone to get together in Teamspeak and hang out regardless of what you’re playing.  Will Chris break into karaoke?  Will Tracker drop an F-Bomb?  Who will pass out first?  All bets are off on FNV!


A new tradition I would like us to consider is joining the annual Extra Life campaign.  In short, we could help raise money for children in need, just by partaking in one of our favorite past times.  Find more information at


As we wait the last month before Conan Exiles, you will be able to find us on Mon, Wed and Fri evenings Roleplaying in Age of Conan.  There are several of us currently travelling across the land and we’d love it if we had the opportunity to bump into your character on our journey.  Have a character you want to try out for Exiles?  Jump on in!  Just want to stop by and say hello with a random?  That’s fine too!


Don’t forget to join our steam group [here] !


Wishing you and your families the best and brightest this holiday season and throughout 2017.


  1. Cyrus Kring says:

    Huzzah!! Cannot wait! Come join us all!

  2. Charlie says:

    YESH!!! *stocks up on tequilla* behold the return of tequila friday!

  3. Kaliker says:

    Been an awesome experience to be apart of the community for more or less the past month and am looking forward to the future! Friday Night Voice sounds amazing. *Eyes the 3 cases of gifted beer* I am well equipped!

  4. Tracker says:

    I just want someone to explain to me where did 2016 go? *looks around* Anyone?… Huh, well I guess I might as well jump into 2017. “Runs hard and leaps off the cliff………*splash*

    I wonder if there is a countdown clock for CE somewhere…….(Besides in T’s head) 🙂

  5. Boom says:

    Oh man, you guys are going to make me miss drinking, haha.

    Ya know, Tracker, I almost put a countdown clock on this site here but I still have fears they are going to postpone it again, lol.

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