BadgerGamers Code of Conduct

I. Your sexual orientation is your business.

BadgerGamers are LGBTQ, trans, bi, and straight friendly.

II. We don’t discuss real world politics and religion.

III. Racism, Sexism and Ageism aren’t tolerated.

IV. This is an 18+ Community.

V. Out of Character (OOC) Harassment is never tolerated.

Server Settings

Location: Chicago, US


Extreme Performance:High Priority

Character does not stay in world when logged out
– Items in inventory are dropped on death
– Anyone can loot player corpse
– No global chat, only local and guild chat
– Day Cycle 0.3, Night Cycle 0.3, Night Time Speed 0.3, Dawn to Dusk Speed 0.3 (Longer days and nights)
– Item spoil rate scale 0.1
– Harvest amount multiplier 3.0
Experience amount multiplier: 1.5
– Local chat radius 2,000.0
Avatars off


Conan Evolved Sharables



The Exiled Enhanced Tableware 

Conan Evolved Merchants 

Primal Armors 


After 30 days of inactivity without notice, you may lose your spot to a new applicant if demand is high. You will almost certainly lose your constructions if there has been no notice.


Passwords are never to be shared with anyone. In order to maintain the integrity of the server and protect those playing on it, violators to this rule will be banned.


There will be a per biome cap on building for guilds and individuals. You may have:

1 city, village, town, hamlet, etc. which consist of numerous buildings and walls if desired.

1 Small Outpost for capturing thralls or dungeoning. Crafting table and slave wheels are allowed. Walls are not allowed.

Beds – Beds are allowed to be placed outside of dungeons for dungeon runs, but they must be removed when done.

Where not to build

Do Not build too near points of interest, NPC camps, caves or ruins. Get a good understanding of the land and your neighbors before you start building. Frequently check that you are not despawning neighboring camps. Remember that distance between spawn points is “as the crow flies”.

A good rule of thumb when deciding where to build is to sprint for 20 seconds away from any spawn point or point of interest and check the area to be sure you are not encroaching something else before setting down foundations.

You may arm your home or fortress with guards and archers. You should take great care in where you place archers as they may shoot people passing by well out of normal range. If your archers do shoot passing travelers, it may be taken as a sign of aggression and passing travelers are free to return fire.

If you build walls that block off passes and regions, they must not contain a working door. If you wish to RP a “toll booth” or some other similar idea, you are free to stand at the doorway and enforce your toll rp’ly, but when you are offline, no one will be limited in travel. Failure to comply will cause Yog’s angry diarrhea to rain down upon such blockades.


Clans are allowed to have up to 10 members.


Consent and implied consent. This is a PvP enabled RP server. All pvp activities should have an in character reason, though consent and out of character communication is important, there are circumstances which would create justified PvP between characters without blatantly consenting to PvP. If your character is blatantly disrespectful or aggressive, this can be construed as implied consent. If your character roleplays as desecrating a religious artifact or shrine, this could be construed as implied consent. The need for out of character communication can not be overstated. Psychopathic murderers need not apply.

Relic Hunter City

Also referred to as “The Set City”, The Relic Hunter City is a free for all PvP area. The area is rampant with bandits and competition seeking slaves and recruits. You may be attacked on sight at any time.

Refugee Center

The round admin owned building on one of the southernmost islands is freely accessible by anyone. Store items at your own risk. Do not destroy anything in the building, but if it happens by accident send an admin a private message.

Naming Policy

This is a roleplay server.  Only lore appropriate names should be used.  No copywritten, trademarked, historical, well-known or frivolous names are allowed on the server.

In-Character Server

All of your actions at all times are considered In-Character. Despite this, Out of Character communication in the case of in-character disputes is highly encouraged.

Early Access

This is an Early Access game, and it is very important that you understand what Early Access (EA) means.  You bought the game to beta test it.  There are glitches, bugs and many, many problems that will be encountered by everyone during the course of game play.  You will lose items, your buildings will become corrupted, your character will get glitched and possibly become unplayable.  Admins have absolutely no control over these issues and will experience them as well.  Admins and members pay for the server with their own money and are not employees of Funcom, they are just players like you.

Obviously, we cannot reimburse for every issue that occurs in game.  We are willing to work with people who have legitimate issues, but those people should attempt to resolve the issues themselves before bringing them to admins. Since admins enjoy playing the game, we play without spawning in game materials and equipment (except for admin events) or cheat to get our corpses back even when we die from lag or glitches, and so we expect the same from members.